Creating Space for Youth and Adults to Lead Together
Creating Space for Youth and Adults to Lead Together

Creating Space for Youth and Adults to Lead Together

When you trust youth to lead, you create space for young people to show you what is possible, through their eyes, in our world. You also create space for youth and adults to lead together.

This is what is set to happen June 27th to July 1st, at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA) in Aurora, IL, when the academy hosts the 14th Annual International Student Science Fair (ISSF). The first time the event is to be hosted on US soil. #IMSALeaders are #GlobalLeaders.

International Student Science Fair (ISSF) 2018: A US First.

This will be the first time the event will occur on US soil. It is not every day you get to be part of something that is a first for the USA. Nor something that involves bringing together some 150+ students, educators and school leaders from the best STEM schools in the world, from across nearly 25+ countries, to spend a week, 5-days together ~ ideating, sharing and collaborating on some big world challenges and the United Nations Global Goals to address them.

In just 30 Days a team of amazing students, staff, faculty and myself at the Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA) will do just. We will host the 14th Annual International Student Science Fair (#ISSF2018 #GlobalGoals) in Aurora, IL with field trips and excursions planned for across Chicago. This is the first time ISSF has been hosted on US soil and we are excited to share the best of what IMSA and the US STEM Education has to offer.

“Significantly influencing life on our planet through cooperation and collaboration” is the theme of the event with a specific focus for students and educators to work on three of the United Nations #SDG’s #ZeroHunger #CleanWater and  #AffordableEnergy through STEM education, internationally and together. And this is not all.

IMSA Leaders will the event on social and digital: A ISSF First.

I am super proud to share, that this is also the first time in the events 14 year history that a team of high school students (with support from staff, and faculty) are running the events social media feeds and media productions activity. For the last 5-months, the #ISSF2018 social media youth team have been meeting weekly with me to discuss, design and plan for the event, and the IMSA student productions team (ISP) lead by their talented adviser, Kevin Broy has been crafting videos for us to share with the world.

From FB Live interviews with attendees, daily social updates on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, to visually documenting the event with photos and videos and live streaming the events opening ceremony — during the event from June 27th to July 1st, we will own social. #IMSALeaders #HaveGotThis

As a social designer, I’ve worked with some pretty awesome comms and marketing teams from big chain brands to national arts companies to disruptive start-ups. And as a researcher, I’ve examined social digital culture and learning in our society and I must say … it has been a joy to see the youth at IMSA step up to the challenge with ideas for what is truly possible for their school, themselves and what will be a US First ~ The #ISSF2018 #GlobalGoals.

This is a project of the social digital joy, youth leader, and social innovation kind. I and the team are super nervous and excited.

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To my friends and peers, if you are interested in what we are up to, youth social/digital learning in the field, STEM education and the UN SDG’s, you can learn more by joining us on social. Follow and like @ISSF2018, on TwitterInstagram, and here on Facebook. And if you like what we are sharing, please like, love, comment and share it. For more event information, you can also visit our website where we will be blogging news and events updates:

From me and the ISSF/IMSA student social media team, we’ll see you in the cloud: Jodie, Joanna, Grace and Maddie (Social Reps), Claudia & Sonya (ISSF Co-presidents), Briella & Shruti (ISP Reps).

#ISSF2018 Global UN Goals: “Significantly influencing life on our planet through cooperation and collaboration. An International event hosted by the Illinois Maths and Science Academy (IMSA).