Hi, I'm Kelly

I’m a social design researcher (ethnographer), innovator (disruptor), storyteller (curator), and artist (creator). I’m also an Australian living in Colorado.


I’ve spent the past two decades learning, researching, and co-designing with people and communities across multiple countries and cultures on the social design of how we learn, work, and live with technology.

We learn, work, and live in story.

My story ...

I’m Kelly (or Belle to my family). I grew up the youngest of three girls, in an immigrant multi-racial/bi-lingual home nestled in small town, farming country Australia. Our family was different to many of the families around and centered deep in community. From the Veterans, farmers and truckies my dad called mates, to the women, teachers, and fellow immigrants my mother organized with, our home was a melting pot of passionate conversations, mixed cultural ideals and community events. 


After school, I took a year to work, earn money and gain the skills I needed to support myself financially through college. I moved to the city for college and during my second year I attended a talk delivered by a visiting American Professor. He shared about the future of the internet and how it would change how we learn, communicate and live. I had my first email address and was learning how to build databases in SQL and websites with HTML. It was difficult to connect to the stories and ideas he shared. 


All the use examples were of North America not Australia, nor in any way connected to the immigrant family I’d learned with, the small town and rural farms I’d grown up on, or the coastal beach communities I’d come to love. Many of the innovators and entrepreneurs he shared about, their stories I could also not relate to. The focus was on the technologies they’d created, more so than for their impact on the learning, work, or peoples lives.


This made me curious about our stories – our lived experiences and the contexts in which we learn, work and live how they impact how we learn about, build and use the technologies that are being promised to improve our lives.

If we're not building together, we're only building for ourselves.

My beliefs ...

Fast forward twenty years … I’ve come to deeply believe in the power of storytelling for the inclusive co-design and building of technologies, programs, and services to support communities and people to live better lives. This is especially important for people whose stories are often missing, marginalized, excluded, and forgotten. 


We need a multiplicity of voices and stories at the research, design, and development table if we are to truly build together.


To do this, we need to deconstruct our androcentric practices in research, development, and user experience design so we can create space for inclusive models of technology, program and service co-design and consent. We also need to be deeply connected to and co-design with and from within (not for) people and community.





I believe that the value in strong, intelligent, and creative women and men from marginalized communities is to be vocal, to question the status quo, and to have a seat at EVERY TABLE.


I believe that the only way to design and develop technologies, programs and services to support people in their learning, work, and lives is to co-design with (not for) them.

Social Leaders

I absolutely believe the social leaders we need now are the women and men from historically marginalized and excluded communities, and the people who support and are accomplices with them.

My Work: LWLY Studio, LLC.

I’m a social design ethnographer by trade. I connect with people, communities and organizations, mainly non-profit, tech, and learning organizations, to document how they’re using (or could use) any kind of emerging technology to advance learning, earning or their lives. Together we figure out a way for adoption and building the mediated social experience. It might be a new platform, a learning management system, or they might be experimenting with blockchain, distributed technologies, or digital badges. 

At LWYL Studio, LLC we believe that people are the heart of social networks. If you can connect people with the social purpose of a technology, and co-design it so it may connect people with people and opportunity,  whatever the project or innovation, it will elevate and grow. The work is not just building tech or rolling out new systems or programs. It’s about  building capacity in people, training communities, and teams how to co-design, build and grow together with and through technological innovations.

Research & Community Insight Generation

If you’re curious about the stories your team or community live and work in, or how a technology, program or service could impact their lives, we use a story-centered methodology and grounded-theory research approach to develop insights and design principles. 

Speaking & Workshop Facilitation

From small group workshops to auditoriums of hundreds, Dr. Kelly has been public speaking and curating workshops for over 20 years. Be it an intimate and courageous discussion or an event to motivate reflection and action, Dr. Kelly will design and deliver it with you.

Interviews & Panel Engagements

Dr. Kelly believes her life purpose is to share all we know and have learned about the social design of technology, and to engage openly in the often difficult and courageous conversations we need to move towards more inclusive ways of technology co-design. Dr. Kelly has participated in hundreds of interviews, podcasts and panels.  

Story-centered & Creative

At the heart of all work and learning is story. We learn, work, and live in story. We humans are also deeply creative, messy, and colorful. Be it in workshops, community gatherings or when sharing insights, creativity is the path to radical self-expression and inclusion of our learning.  

What people say ...

Kelly is a uniquely skilled individual who I have had the priviledge of knowing for a number of years. She knows how to connect with people on a professional and personal level. She is passionate and focussed about her work, living and breathing every element of it. Her abililty to communicate in an understandable and insightful manner is something of great value in her chosen sector and translates into the successful completion of projects which exceed stakeholder expectations.
John Hurst
Director at b2b IT Services Ltd and RedDrum Ltd
Kelly has a profound understanding of the socio cultural impact of digital and socialised technologies on disciplines. She gets the transition from broadcasting messages to curating conversations and developing relationship - invaluable insight for anyone involved in these areas of activities. Kelly grounds her insights in research into real world case studies, which gives her a unique insight into the often messy processes of organisational change that institutions and companies are navigating.
Tom Beardshaw
Executive & ADHD Coach, Digital Consultant and Owner at Lil Fox Ltd
Kelly is a focussed and enthusiastic professional. We have researched together, taught together and worked alongside each other as colleagues. Kelly is full of 'can-do' and delivers to deadlines with exacting standards. Her positive energy and enthusiasm is infectious and the way she variously supports, coordinates, manages and directs projects, students, clients and colleagues is a rare talent in combination.
Prof Robert Morgan
Sir Julian Hodge Chair and Professor of Marketing & Strategy


Let's learn and co-design together!