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Dr. Page is a first choice for organizations wanting an enjoyable and impactful keynote speaker, workshop facilitator or panel member. She creates an unforgettable and deeply moving experience both educating and moving audiences. Join the world’s top organizations that love working with Kelly.  Each experience that Dr. Kelly creates is tailored for the event to meet each event’s unique goals.


Kelly’s energy and passion are unmatched, her connection with the attendees is unparalleled, and her actionable takeaways drive individual and group change.

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Speaking Topics

Each experience that Dr. Kelly creates is tailored for the event to meet each event’s unique goals. Here is a sample of topics she has spoken on and can contribute to. 

Social (Tech) Innovation

Social Design

Social Leadership

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Past Engagements

Living and Co-designing in story: How Our Stories Influence How We Innovate and What We Build!

2023 TLN Unconference, ASU

During this highly interactive workshop, Dr. Kelly Page and Meena Naik guide attendees to reflect on the events of our lives through verbal and visual storytelling. The goal of the workshop is to develop a better understanding of how our own journey and experiences influence our work, and the importance of making our lens visible to ensure we have a diversity of experiences informing our digital credential and record ecosystem. 

The Internet of Education: Ed3 Unconference

ED3DAO, Metaverse

During this session Dr. Kelly and Taylor Kendall keynote in the metaverse for the first Ed3 Unconference. They explored big ideas and bleeding-edge technology like the Internet of Education, LearnCard, Verifiable Credentials, Decentralized Identity, and new models for bringing agency and opportunity to every human on earth.

The Inclusive Design of LERs: Implementing the Key Design Principles

2022 TLN Unconference, ASU. 

Dr. Brian Tinsley and Dr. Kelly Page share information from the report: “Inclusive Design Principles for Learning and Employment Records: Co-Designing for Equity” and run a workshop on how to implement and action the report’s 5 design principles developed in collaboration with workers in frontline sectors along with leaders in higher education, design and technology.

Learning (Education) Innovation: Investing in What Matters

TEDx Goldy, Deleware (USA)

Kelly delivered a TEDx talk on the key design principles for Learning and Education Innovation: Investing in What Matters in our schools and learning academies. 

The Confidence Gap

Fear Paradox Summit, Chicago IL. 

In this engagement, Dr. Kelly delivered an interactive workshop focused on “The Confidence Gap” to over 50+ women leaders in business and technology. In the workshops, attendees explored their self-esteem, confidence, and performance to uncover the gap they may have between their perceived confidence and actual performance in their life, learning, and work pathways. 

Social Leadership: How Might We Use Social Technologies to Lead Together?

Social Good Summit, Illinois (USA)

Kelly shares the key design principles for social leadership and the ways nonprofits and social good organizations are using social technologies to change the way we learn, work, and live for the public good.

The Social Design of How Women Lead and Are Leading

Ladies Night Out, Chicago

In this talk Kelly shares about the key design principles for how women lead, and the social design of their social leadership in our schools, governments, small businesses and community organizations. 

The Social Design of Social Leadership: Designing Your Future

Student Leadership Exchange (SLX) Hollister Lecture, IMSA (USA)

In this talk Kelly shares about the key design principles for social leadership and how young people are using social technologies to change the way we learn, work, and live.

The Social Design of Our World: Anything is Possible

Commencement Address, Rasmussen University, USA.

In this talk Kelly shared about the social design of our world and the power of our words and action in the design of the future of ourselves as well as for us.

The Gendering of Technology

University of Wisconsin Madison, School of Communictions

In this talk, Dr. Kelly engage a class of communications students at University of Wisconsin Madison in an interactive lecture on the Gendering of Technology. Together we created a wall of the female leaders in technology. 

Rediscovering Friendship

TEDx Cardiff (UK)

Kelly opened TEDxCardiff with her talk on Rediscovering Friendship, how we create, enact, and celebrate friendships with “social” media and technologies.

How the Web Makes Youth Feel!

AM Conference, London (UK)

In collaboration with MediaSnackers, Kelly and the team researched the how web-based technologies impacted youth feelings and emotions.

Social Media/Technology Expertise

Ignite, Cardiff, (UK) 

What is social media and technology expertise and why does it matter? In this talk, Kelly explored the different types of knowledge and experience individuals need to master, and the skills to exhibit to be considered an expert in technology use. 

The Slipperiness of Digital Skills

Pecha Kucha, Cardiff, (UK) 

A talk about the rapidly changing digital skills needs to participate in in the information age and the slipperiness of skills between developers and consumers (users) of technology as more social web technologies are designed, adopted and used. 

Panels & Fireside Chats

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Workshops & Facilitation

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