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Dr. Kelly writes about the social design of data, technology and story. She shares about how the innovations and technologies we design and build impact us and are influenced by our stories, who we are, what we do, how we love, learn, and the ways we work. She explores the human stories, poses the hard questions, and is committed to uncovering the often invisible impact of living, learning, and working with technology.

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Diverse Women In STEM

IMSA hosts a conversation about the myths and reality of being a Women in STEM and being the change. Like most women in a STEM

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Coding IS the Language of Women

Coding IS the language of women. Programming WAS invented by a woman. What I wish every technology engineer and dev knew about women in technology. Women SLAY in technology. It is only people who don’t know their history who think otherwise.

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The Gendering of Social Tech Skills

When considering the design of technology and its learning, it is important to consider how people are socialized to think about their skills and tech use along with gender roles and gender stereotypes.

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