Social Ways of Living

I often wonder
About the social ways we are
That they are never fixed
But like bee honey from a jar
It made wonder when
We chat and share online
Sometimes we are careful
Sometimes we are fine
But sometimes we don’t realise
The social things we do
And how these change in each day
With who we are sharing to
It changes with our purpose
If we see it as work or not
It changes with our feelings
The bad days count a lot.
So I wondered as I participated
In this very social day
How online is similar
In how we change our social way
From moment to moment
From platform product too
From task to task and context
They are many, seldom few
Like the world we live in
When we step from behind the screen
It is our
Our manners empathy that’s seen
It is in everything we do
in our every day
It is our
Be it at work, to learn or in play.

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