Prompt: At the end of every rainbow …

I arrived home at 4pm. Tired and hungry from a long night at work. As I unlocked the door and stepped inside, I noticed feathers all over the floor. The entrance way to our home was covered in feathers, red, yellow, white and blue. Oh no I thought.

“Jaggy. Jaggy” I call down the hall. “Jaggy!” I scream.

With a tail wagging excited to hear his name, Jaggy comes bounding down the hally way towards me. In his mouth, the remanents of what was on our entranceway floor. A red, yello, white and blue bird. Eyes closed. Feet slight sprayed like he had been caught mid stride trying to run away.

I remove the bird from Jaggy’s Jaws while explaining a harsh tone why eating birds was not good for his indesgistion, his appetitie or my nerves. I cleaned up the evidence. Scooping the feathers into the trash. Just as a feather floated to the floor the door bell rang.

Opening the door, I saw Kirsten. The 12 year old from next door standing there. Her eyes big and wide looking up at me. She starts.

“Hi Dr. Page, I know you are busy with your practice and mum tells me not to disturb you in the day as you work nights. But well. I got a new pet for my 12 birthday. His name is ‘rainbow’ because of his colours. Well he is my pet bird, and he went missing today. I was wondering, have you seen him?”

I cough realising that Rainbow was more than likely the bird laying dead in my trash can. Dead as any bird can be after being caught in the jaws of the meanest chiwawa on the block.

I look down at Kirsten and explain as any adult would.

“No my dear. I’ve never seen your rainbow. Perhaps he flew away. But don’t worry, if you don’t find him, you know what they say, at the end of every rainbow is always a pot of gold.”

The end.


This extract is from a period of I did at the Evanston Writers Group. 28th December 2011. Barnes and Noble. Evanston. USA. Amanda introduced me to in this group. is when you use prompts of different things, it could be an image, a line from a song, a scent, an object, as inspiration to the

Prompt: “Your family pets shows up with a dead animal. Afterwards, a neighbor shows up looked for their beloved pet. What do you do?”

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