Insight Story: Engaging Theatre Through Digital Community

What I love about the concept of the new NTW, is that they aim to create theatre in a plethora of spaces – not just big venues, but spaces as they want the involved.

They want members to debate theatre, to see and comment on theatre, and what goes on behind the scenes.

So what better way then to start in the digital space – through an online social network

Creating a Digital NTW Community Network

NTW teamed up with NativeHQ to build an online community based on a Ning Network to enable an ongoing dialogue and conversation around theatre in Wales. It is an open network, so everyone can be part of the community be it audiences, actors, artists, directors, writers and collaborators.


Visual Design: Using the visual design by Elfen, it is clean and fresh, looking like an unfinished typed manuscript in style. Dotted lines represent no set-boundaries. It is not overbearing in clutter or too polished – it is raw! Albeit the use of a very bold colour scheme.

Navigational Design: In functionality it is clean and easy to use. Simple and meaningful naming conventions enable simpe page traversal and function navigation and use.

Value Design: In human value it provides a number of key functions to bring the community together. Often at these sites people ask ‘what can I do?’

Here members of the community can create a profile and connect to, blog about, discuss with, comment on, and share information, video, photographic content. They can share and converse about their craft. It is their space to have a voice about English language theatre in Wales.

With already 167 members, the community site that is the National Theatre Wales poses to engage and challenge even the most avid theatre critic.



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tombeardshaw (8 years ago)

National Theatre Wales: Engaging Theatre Through Digital Community

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