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S. Craig Watkins: Black and latino youth remaking the participation gap

  Following the chair’s introduction by Dr. Henry Jenkins, the opening keynote talk was delivered by S. Craig Watkins. Highly regarded for his research about race, youth and digital media usage and his books, The Young and the Digital and Hip Hop Matters. He was invited to join the MacArthur Foundation Series on Youth, Digital Media and Learning. With this in mind and with no experience in this area I was looking forward to hearing the perspective from which he considers this space. Below is provided a few key insights I took out of his keynote talk:

The Social Web: Its User-Generated, But Is It Really User-Controlled?

This is entry is a blog post about the diffidence between user-generated content (UGC) and user control in the use, sharing and display of this content. These are not one inf the same and although social web encourages the development of user-generated content, this doesn’t translate to user control. The post discusses the structural property of control, officially called system pacing. Keep Reading…

Usability 101 – What Are The Basics?

This post provides a basic summary of the two key elements of a usability model called the ‘Technology Acceptance Model’ and why these two core elements are of increasing importance to the marketing profession. Keep Reading…