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Women of the World 2013

Women of the World Festival 2013

The Women of the World (WOW) Festival is an annual festival at the London Southbank Centre. Founded by Jude Kelly OBE, director of the London Southbank Centre, it is a festival to celebrate the achievements of women, and as a forum for discussion about social change. This year in consultation with the organizers Domino Pateman and Hannah Pool, came the idea to share the opportunity to attend #WOW2013 with 50 people  representing of Wales, and a perfect opportunity for #hackmentoring. An opportunity to bring men and women from different backgrounds, different ages, different experiences together in a different place to share ideas, stories, and their experience about two contexts we negotiate everyday —  Living in a World of … Keep Reading…


Perhaps it is time to remove the word “mentee” from our vocabulary. This #HackMentoring video is about social digital change and the practice of mentoring today. It outlines the perspective of mentoring as a practice and mindset, not a person with certain characteristics.   This video was developed for #WOWWales and the Women+Digital Collective.