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Learning about #Hackmentoring

How we think about mentoring and how we practice it  is important for the learning of others and also ourselves. Rarely, however do we really question the dominant view of mentoring or the learning value of formalized mentoring schemes many of us participate in. I’m of the belief we should not only question mentoring, but we should #hack it.   Learning about hacking and mentoring Hacking is a mindset and practice of modifying something through exploration and play to accomplish something that is outside the creators intended application [1]. It is about a way of doing things to explore meaningful possibilities or pushing the boundaries of possibility about something. Hacking or being … Keep Reading…


Perhaps it is time to remove the word “mentee” from our vocabulary. This #HackMentoring video is about social digital change and the practice of mentoring today. It outlines the perspective of mentoring as a practice and mindset, not a person with certain characteristics.   This video was developed for #WOWWales and the Women+Digital Collective.