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The Complexities of Digital Participation

This blog post is an introduction to a paper currently under review on The Complexities of Digital Media Participation. The paper introduces the importance of considering the professional context within which digital media is socially constructed in our management teams to develop a more wholestic understanding of digital media participation. Keep Reading…

Growing Your Digital Footprint in Graduate School: To Blog or Not to Blog?

This blog post is a summary and reflection of a talk given to a group of graduate students in School of Communications about managing your online ‘professional’ brand in the social web. It includes a series of steps to reflect on when considering how, where and in what way to use social web resources to grow one’s digital footprint and social capital. Keep Reading…

S. Craig Watkins: Black and latino youth remaking the participation gap

  Following the chair’s introduction by Dr. Henry Jenkins, the opening keynote talk was delivered by S. Craig Watkins. Highly regarded for his research about race, youth and digital media usage and his books, The Young and the Digital and Hip Hop Matters. He was invited to join the MacArthur Foundation Series on Youth, Digital Media and Learning. With this in mind and with no experience in this area I was looking forward to hearing the perspective from which he considers this space. Below is provided a few key insights I took out of his keynote talk: