Getting Connected: Social Media & Marketing in a Networked Economy

Green WorldLast year I was asked by Cardiff University to deliver a lecture for the Cardiff Innovation Network (CIN) about Social Media and Marketing.

The request came after I’d published an article about the  implications of social networking sites like Facebook for the marketing profession. So on 4th March 2009, I delivered a 2 hour public presentation entitled Getting Connected: Social Media and Marketing in a Networked Economy to an audience of 108.

The motivation for giving the talk was to more freely share some of the insights I’d learn’t over the years from case study and survey research of the implication social tools, technologies and channels are having for today’s marketers. The presentation gives a brief account of:

  1. The properties of technologies to ground social media – Why is it different?
  2. Types of social media – What are our options?
  3. Three core learnings from Case Insights about using social media in marketing. These learning’s include to: Share , Share control and Share real connections for effective marketing with social media.

The insights are drawn from the following Case examples:

The slides from the presentation are provided below.

[issuu viewmode=presentation backgroundcolor=CCCCCC showflipbtn=true documentid=090509133750-1bbfc2c6017a4b39aba4c9537e6c2dbe docname=cinmarch09 username=caseinsights loadinginfotext=Social%20Media%20%26%20Marketing showhtmllink=true tag=youtube width=420 height=315 unit=px]


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caseinsights (8 years ago)

Share value, share control & share real connections: Insights from talk on social media and marketing by CASE Insights

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Phil Stephens (8 years ago)

Thanks for the talk, I was lucky enough to attend. It covered a great cross-section of social media marketing and some fantastic examples of it working for companies.

The comments you made on sharing control (or losing control!) of your company's brand is very pertinent and I believe still remains one of the biggest barriers to compaines taking up social media marketing more readily for their business.

facebook-681011695 (8 years ago)

Interesting comment Phil. I think you're right that companies often fear sharing/losing control of the definition of their brand values and so shy away from online conversations.

The trouble with this approach is that there are almost certainly conversations about those companies already happening online. There is very little barrier to anyone wanting to talk about anything online. The challenge is not to give up control but to give up the illusion of control – and discover the opportunities to be found by joining the conversation rather than seeking to be in charge of it.

drkellypage (8 years ago)

Hey both. I agree that the perception of power and control is one of the biggest barriers facing organisations with their engagement of the social web. As Tom has indicated, we (organisations) don't actually have total control any more – we just think we still do!

This is inherently grounded in how we have been socialised or conditioned by the functionality of past technologies (e.g., TV) which gave little control to audiences and the notion of marketing as a one-way linear process (founded on sales and advertising) where we can control how our brand is displayed to our audiences. However, we have never been able to control word of mouth communication – one of the most effective forms of marketing for decades. But this was often limited to smaller strong-tie social networks.

Now with the developing social web the level and type of pacing (be it external or internal) – or controlled by the user/audience or the marketer/organisation is inherently evolving. At a micro level, organisations (designers) do still have some control over what users/audience can do given how they design a system/interface, but given the growing number of tools, technologies and channels that are enabling the community to engage, connect, communicate and share content independent of the organisation (marketers), the concept of control is most certainly in many contexts, a historical illusion.

I wrote a blog post about User Generated Content and Control, you might also find it of interest!


caseinsights (8 years ago)

@paulbradshaw try … Great for embedding! See what I’ve done with a pdf of a presentation?

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