Digital Media Learning 2010: Inclusive, International & Participatory!

Inclusive, international and participatory is the promise of the first ever conference, here in San Diego over the next three days. The 2010 Learning Conference (San Diego, USA).

Today finds me at the start of the conference hosted University of California Humanities Research Institute at the UC Irvine campus in San Diego. The next 3 days over 500 digital media delegates form around the world are coming together to deliver, attend and discuss at over 60 panel session about digital media learning and literacy in society, education, and policy. As noted in the conference press release as to why this is so important:

“Global digital media are rapidly becoming a driving force in globalization, scientific advances, and the intersection—and sometimes clash—of cultures,” said David Theo Goldberg, director of the systemwide University of California Humanities Research Institute and co-director of the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub, which designed and organized the conference. “Every day new questions arise about the ability of traditional systems and institutions to prepare both young people and life-long learners for the social, economic, and political demands of a complex and networked new century.” (Quote: Jeff Brazil)

What makes this conference something I’m excited about is that at the outset, the program was about collaboration and conversation within and across the digital media learning community. To participate delegates contributed to a DML Conference Wiki in 2009, collaborating on ideas and areas of research interest. Session proposals were then submitted for peer review, with each session requiring participants originating from differing institutions and/or organisations.

I first came across the conference on twitter. Connecting through the conference Wiki with two Assistant Professors from University of Central Florida, Dr. Robb Lindgren and Dr. Rudy McDaniel about our similar areas of research interest: researching digital media and , albeit from three differing approaches. After a number of emails and a Skype hook-up we submitted a proposal on Digital Media Expertise: Three Differing Approaches. Where we propose to discuss “Expertise about digital media. Expertise with digital. Expertise through digital media”.

The conference kicks off this afternoon with a conference introduction from the chair, Henry Jenkins from the University of Southern California, and Opening key note from S. Craig Watkins, who has been researching young peopleʼs media behaviors for more than a decade.

Inclusive, international and participatory – like the digital media we research, use and promote. I hope so, this conference is this and more.

For more information:

Press release by Jeff Brazil

DML 2010 Conference

DML Research Hub


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drkellypage (7 years ago)

The DML 2010 conf. Inclusive, international and participatory. Why I am excited? 3-days of discussion! #dml2010

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