Theatre as Social Connectors

Last night in the Castle Arcade (Cardiff) was the housewarming for the National Theatre Wales (NTW) which included the launch of the theatres new online network. From a , a technology and theatre perspective, this is very exciting!

Take a very inspiring and innovative theatre organisation (NTW), a passionate creative design team (Elfen), and a social web duo (NativeHQ), who understand what the social web is all about, and you get a fantastic meeting of minds, values and creative genius.Together they have created

About NTW

NTW is non-building based organisation with the aim to develop English-language theatre in Wales. From first impressions they value theatre as social connections and as part of a community. Read the NTW newspaper for more insight:

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Branding and NTW

With Elfen, NTW wanted to create a visual brand identity that was fluid, flexible and represents the creative freedom of the new NTW.

What they created – three boxes with dotted lines – is fresh and provides a rawness that underpins creativity and community in theatre.

This is very rich in insight about theatre in Wales, especially in a time when many corporate design, and media houses favour glossy polished and fixed visual brand identities.

Why do they seek fixed and polished? Many are trying to communicate values of completeness and assure perfection in their offering. But we all know – theatre is not perfect or fixed, it is an experience! Every performance is different!

It is as if NTW and Elfen recognised that it is the community – wherever they are and whoever they are – thay define the theatre, not just a glossy visual brand on a page!

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