A Resource-based view of Managing Media Communications

Media Communications — is it all about the or the we practice?

An interesting article written by Grönroos [1], in (1996) noted that we are increasingly seeing a move towards a more resource-oriented approach to marketing and . This resource approach focuses on the management and planning of core competencies and resources, not just seeing the product as core.

He noted that it is the resources and core competencies of an organisation which forms the basis and foundation for successful market relationships, and not just the facilitation of an exchange – a sale, or the focus on the product offering.

A resource-based view further places increased emphasis on communications and as a series of activities for fulfilling promises and delivering value, moving away from focusing on the product. Grönroos discussed four types of resources as key to marketing effectiveness and efficiency – people, , knowledge and time.

In digital , we focus on the resource of technology, and how we manage and use technology to research our media, communications and marketing objectives.

Electronic Marketing Activity Management (EMAM) is one framework that moves away from a traditional communications mindset (e.g., 4P’s and 7Ps) to focus on the activities we manage and conduct in order to participate in an ongoing dialogue with the many participants and communities we coexist with.

EMAM provides a framework which is flexible as we evolve in how we view the management and implementation of our activities and practices as media and communications personnel.


[1] Grönroos, C. (1994). Relationship marketing: Strategic and tactical implications. Management Decision, 34/3, 5-14.

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