exploring market mavenism and exploratory behavioural tendencies

Type | Conference paper

Abstract | Little work in the late 1990′s had profiled the information search and acquisition behaviours of nonmarketer controlled intermediaries. These include opinion leaders, early adopters and market mavens. The role of these interpersonal influencers has long been recognised as being important to the dissemination of market and product related information, consumer decision making and purchase behaviour. The focus of this paper is the information search behaviour of the . The ’s attention and behavioural response to stimuli is discussed and his/her exploratory search behaviour is examined in the context of levels of optimum stimulation. This research contributes to the body of knowledge regarding the behaviour of marketplace influencers.

Reference | Page, Kelly. L. (1997). The Relationship Between Market Mavenism and Exploratory Behavioural Tendencies, Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (), December. Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

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Keywords: ANZMAC, conference papers, exploratory behaviour, information seeking, market maven, optimum stimulation level
Categories: researching, speaking