how the web make youth feel: exploring the popular digital native rhetoric

Type | Journal Article
Abstract | Limited research has examined consumer emotional responses to digital media. In this article, we explore the emotional responses to the of the , who express in their own words how the web makes them feel and why. Content analysis and response classification reveals a hierarchical model of emotional responses to the web expressed by the . Our findings suggest that a and web application context influence the hierarchical framework of consumer web emotions. Within a cohort born between 1990 and 1996, differences in how the web makes feel is identified across age groups, contesting the popular positive rhetoric often used to justify market segmentation and digital government policy targeted at youth markets.
Ref | Page, K. L., DK, and Mapstone, M. (2010). How the Web Make Youth Feel: Exploring the Popular Rhetoric, Journal of Marketing Management, 26 (13-14), 1345-1366.

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Keywords: digital native, Emotion, Feelings, Web, youth
Categories: researching