electronic marketing: the bigger picture

Type | Journal Article
Abstract | For the area of electronic marketing to develop into an area of marketing theory and management, we need to refrain from concentrating on specific electronic resources and their attributes (e.g., the Internet) and focus on the bigger picture. The bigger picture is concerned with the many and varied electronic resources available and how they can be used for the management and implementation of marketing activities. It is from this premise that the core objective of this paper is to 1) critically review the literature on the use the of electronic resources for the management and conduct of marketing activities and 2) propose a framework that is structured in accordance with the marketing activities for which electronic technologies are used and not the electronic technologies themselves.
Ref | Page-Thomas, K. (2005). Electronic Marketing: The Bigger Picture, The Marketing Review. 5 (3, Autumn): 243-262.

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Keywords: activity, digital management, digital marketing, practices
Categories: researching