attitudes toward advertising: implications for the world wide web,

Type | Conference paper
Abstract | This research replicates a framework for the investigation of held toward , in a new environment. Given the explosion in the use of the web throughout the western world especially as a commercial tool, a more thorough understanding of the held toward web advertisements and what influences these is of importance to managers wishing to produce more effective web advertising campaigns. Based on previous models used to measure held toward advertising, three dimensions exploring attitude-toward-web-advertising are suggested: an institution dimension, an instrument dimension, and a function dimension. It is predicted that these three dimensions will explain the majority of the variance in influencing and shaping consumers toward web advertising. Several belief items are also suggested which are predicted to influence these dimensions and hence provide greater understanding to the specific beliefs held toward web
Ref | Handel, R., Cowely, E. and Page, K. L. (2000). Toward Advertising: Implications for the World Wide Web, ANZMAC 2000, Griffith University, Gold Coast, QLD: November 2000.

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Keywords: advertising, attitudes, Internet
Categories: researching