Martin Evans: A tribute

This week, Cardiff Business School mourns the passing of a great scholar, Mr. Martin Evans. This blog post is a tribute to his life and career in . To read more about Martin Evans and to read the thoughts of his colleagues, friends and students, visit the Online Book of Condolence. He was an inspiring scholar and colleague.

Martin Evans

“A contributor to knowledge”; “a creator of impact”;  ”a giving citizen in the academic research community”: all are most certainly terms that describe Martin Evans. Martin Evans was not just a teacher, or a lecturer. He was also an inspiring research scholar whose research interest and research integrity was grounded first and foremost in making a contribution to knowledge in the fields of Direct and Interactive Marketing, Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Research.

He published over 180 publications, in national and international journals, case studies and reports and 8 books. Many of his works are nationally recognised for their contribution, and their author was a multiple academic prize winner from the Academy of Marketing (AM), the Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM) and the International Conference of Marketing Communications.

Martin also served on the editorial board of some of the UK’s leading national marketing journals: Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Marketing Communications, Journal of Strategic Marketing, International Journal of Advertising, Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing and Journal of Database Marketing and was full editor of the Journal of Consumer Behaviour: An International Review.

His expertise, support and years of research experience contributed to the knowledge and learning of numerous colleagues, co-authors and doctoral students, hundreds of masters students and thousands of undergraduate students, both in and outside the class room, the office and traditional publication channels.

Martin’s research contribution though was not just limited to the academic community. He also engaged actively with the wider business and social community to share and co-create knowledge through research partnerships, committees and informing industry policy and regulation, especially in Direct and Interactive Marketing. He was a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM) and full members of the Marketing Research Society (MRS), the Federation of Direct and Electronic Marketing (FEDMA) and the Academy of Marketing (AM).

He was an inspiring research scholar, mentor, colleague, teacher and friend.

Dr. Kelly Page
Lecturer in Marketing & Strategy
Cardiff Business School.


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drkellypage (7 years ago)

A tribute to my colleague: Mr. Martin Evans … an inspirational scholar & lecturer in Digital & Interactive Marketing

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toplaycn (7 years ago)

Martin Evans: A Tribute

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Professor Erdogan Koc (2 years ago)

Professor Martin Evans

Martin was our lecturer both on the DBA and MBA programs at Cardiff Business School between the years 1987-1990. His lecturers and tutorials were always interesting and enjoyable. His pleasant demeanour made the entire cohort like marketing.

I am a professor of marketing now and I owe him so much.

Professor Erdogan Koc

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