Insight Series #WOWWales: List of Blog Posts

About the Insight Series #

We often work on the false assumption when we hear the word mentor that this person is senior to us in the hierarchy of our organizations or professional groups. However, I’ve come to learn through both my research and my own professional/personal experience, that mentors that make a difference are usually similar to us and in contact with us in our everyday. They are people who we work with and live around, people we tell our stories to. They are people who support, encourage and inspire in us strength — strength to be, to achieve and to change.

The purpose of this series is to share some of the stories about some of the women across Wales who have mentored me, inspired and encouraged me to forge my own path and be me in all my color and maverick sensibilities. In February/March 2013 I dedicated 30+ days of blogging to the inspiring Women of the World in Wales (#WOWWales) for International Women’s Day and the WOW2013 Festival.

This is also my way to say thank you to my inspiring women across Wales.

List of Blog Posts

Introduction: My Inspiring Women of the World in Wales #WOWWales

[1] Professor Nina Reynolds – Learning to Juggle

[2] Dr. Heather Skinner – Learning about Voice

[3] The Female Brain in Business Academia – Learning our Value

[4] Sara Pepper – Learning from Creative/Cultural Leaders

[5] Dr. Anne Marie Cunningham – Learning about Being Public

[6] Heather Rowlands – Learning about the Dedication of Service

[7] Sian Conti – Learning from Connectors

[8 & 9] Girl Geeks in Wales – Learning from the Diversity of Community

[10] Carol Jones – Learning the Art of Social Spaces

[11] Claire Scantlebury – Learning about Running in High Heels

[12] Mathilde Lopez – Learning about Mapping Memories

[13] Sharanne Basham-Pyke – Learning to be Who You Are

[14 & 15] National Theatre Wales – Learning the Practice of Community

[16] Sandra Elliott – Learning about Leading through Collaboration

[17] Hannah Waldram – Learning the Practice of Beat Blogging

[18] Jain Boon – Learning about Creative Activists for Cultural Change

[19] Cazz Electrohead – Learning about Capturing Your Passion

[20] The Lovely Helia Phoenix – Learning about the place to be — We Are Cardiff

[21] Catherine Paskell – Learning through Play

[22] Alison Woods – Learning to Balance on the Hire Wire

[23] Andrea and Georgina – Learning to Sing and Inspire

[24] Karen Price – Learning about Celebrating Others

[25] Ellie, Rachel and Dan – Learning that Friendships Count

[26-28] Deborah, Debs & Debbie – Learning How to Say No

[29] Amy Stackhouse – Learning about Bringing People Together

[30] WOWWales – Learning about #Hackmentoring

Entire Series: Insight Series #WOWWales 2013


Invited Blog Post @WeAreCardiff for International Women’s Day (IWD): 8th March 2013.

[1] Professor Millicent Mackenzie: First Female Professor Appointed in Largest Coal Port in the World



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