Teaching is a creative profession

and is a creative way of life. We all learn, live and work differently. Yet we continue to propagate a culture of command and control in leadership and a dominant discourse of standardized testing in education.

Sir. Ken Robinson in this TED Education Talk outlines what the human mind needs to flourish. He introduces us to a different way of thinking about education and learning wherein teachers are valued, supported and seen as a creative profession — not a cost to monitored and cut.

A list of summary quotes from his talk …

Education is about learning. People can spend a lot of time talking about education and never talk about learning.

It is important to consider the differences between “task” and “achievement” sensitivities of verbs. We can educate [task] however we also need to consider if learning occurred [achievement].

Testing should support learning, not be the dominant culture of learning. Standardized testing plays a part, however it shouldn’t be destructive or obstructive.

Human life is creative. We have a culture of standardization in education.

We need to attribute a higher status the education and teaching profession. Education is an “investment” not a “cost”.

Education needs to be devolved to the school level to get the job done. Education does not occur in the committee rooms of command and control, it occurs at the local school level.

Education is a human system. Not a mechanistic system.

Every student has their own reason for dropping out of school.

We have to embrace a different metaphor — it is a human system. We are organic creatures. The culture of the school is absolutely critical. Organic systems wait for right conditions to come about by which to spring life.

Education should not be lead by a culture of command and control. Leadership in education should be about climate control, wherein we support and develop the culture that is necessary for creative and to grow — what ever the conditions.

(Sir. Ken Robinson, April, 2013).


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