How to Schedule Your Day as a Creative | YouTube

We are all creative and we all need creative time. The difficulty is knowing how to manage your time and the expectations of others for .

Creativity takes courage.
— Henri Matisse


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Carl Morris (3 years ago)

This is superb. A lot of people are hybrids of manager and maker I think…

    @drkellypage (3 years ago)

    Agree, many of us in the creative industries are a hybrid of manager and maker. But, different organizations, industries and roles probably lend themselves to different practices around time management, amidst the growing expectation of being accessible 24/7. For example, it takes time for a teacher to create materials and lesson plans, as it does an accountant to work through screens of spreadsheets, not unlike the time it takes a fictional writer time to reflect and develop a narrative. I don’t think we always associate creativity and the need for creative time with many roles people do, however. Managing your own time and attention is of growing interest to all of us. I find blocking out large blocks of time to focus on one creative project — be it writing a paper, essay, painting, developing teaching materials; and then on a different day scheduling all my “face to face” social time really helps. I love how this video portrays that.

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