Women of the World 2013

The Women of the World (WOW) Festival is an annual festival at the London Southbank Centre. Founded by Jude Kelly OBE, director of the London Southbank Centre, it is a festival to celebrate the achievements of , and as a forum for discussion about social change. This year in consultation with the organizers Domino Pateman and Hannah Pool, came the idea to share the opportunity to attend #WOW2013 with 50 people  representing of Wales, and a perfect opportunity for #.

An opportunity to bring men and women from different backgrounds, different ages, different experiences together in a different place to share ideas, stories, and their experience about two contexts we negotiate everyday —  Living in a World of Digital and Women and Social Change. Two contexts we all experience differently. Two contexts that are challenging the traditional notions of power, hierarchy and ways of living.

#WOW2013 provided an opportunity for shared learning outside of the traditional thinking about or training. It is a 5-day festival of talks, , poetry, performance and more celebrating women, and in this supports a lot of different learning styles. Furthermore, the event provides opportunities for shared learning outside the # group traveling to London as well as between members of the group throughout the day.


With the support of the London Southbank Centre, the sponsorship of Cardiff University and the excellent organization skills of Amy Stakehouse and Louise Hartrey (CAIRD), on saturday 9th of March a group for 40 people travelled to London to share in #WOW2013.

But they didn’t just attend they participated.

Unmediated participation >> Sharing in the experience 

We invited people (18-30, men and women) to submit entries in any creative form such as stories, poems, photographs and videos for a chance to get a seat on the bus and a ticket to attend #WOW2013. With excellent creative entries submitted, 30 people were selected to attend. Of the 30, six people were asked to share their creative entries at the festival as part of the WOW Bites events that occurred throughout the day. We also invited 15 people to attend and/or support the mentoring event, whose work involves working with digital media in some capacity. These individuals helped select the six presenters and the organizers. These people were from Cardiff UniversityNational Theatre WalesSequenceNativeHQ, and Dizzy Jam.

Mediated participation >> Sharing the experience with others

In addition to the opportunities to share ideas and experiences with each other throughout the day, we encouraged everyone to share their experiences digitally. To tweet, capture pictures and share their experiences in whichever way is meaningful to them using the hashtags #WOWWales to share with the group and peeps in Wales who couldn’t attend; and #WOW2013 to participate in the wider festival conversations.

Over 550 tweets using #WOWWales were tweeted, retweeted and replied to over the weekend. From which we curated two Storify stories to archive the experience and share learnings after the event and with others.

  1. Storify #WOWWales attends #WOW2013
  2. Storify #WOWWales delivers WOW Bites Session
Photo by: @LouiseHartry
Photo by: @LouiseHartry

#WOWWales Mentors

While the #WOWWales group have long returned home to Wales; and WOW2013 has come to a close after another successful year, the experience, the ideas, the thoughts — the learning — will continue. Maybe this group of wonderful people will come together again at another event in the future or maybe they won’t. Maybe they’ll continue to converse, follow each other on twitter (or other platform) and connect again, or maybe they won’t.

We have created a Twitter List and a FB page (Women+Digital Collective) for those that want to continue the conversation and sharing. Ultimately, how everyone will use this opportunity to learn from/with each other … is genuinely up to them.

That is one of the points of #hackmentoring — it is about participating on your own terms for shared learning. 

This, my 30th and last #WOWWales tribute I dedicate to to the 50+ people involved in organizing and participating in the #WOWWales event for 2013. A #hackmentoring event organized to enable shared learning about living in a world of digital and women and social change.

Who inspires you?


#WOWWales Mentors *On the Bus & In the Cloud*

Twitter List: https://twitter.com/drkellypage/wowwales

@AimeelouiseP Aimee-Louise Paddock | @Anmcunningham AnneMarie Cunningham | @Bruceetheringto Bruce Etherington | @carlmorris Carl Morris | @caro_vasq Caroline Vasquez | @CatherinePaskell Catherine Paskell | @catrinpalfrey Catrin Palfrey | @Claire_S Claire Scantlebury | @darlinggemma darlingemma | @dela_smits dela smits | @diksha Dikshadwivedi | @drkellypage Kelly Page | @EmmaMeese Emma Meese | @egrommet Glyn Mottershead | @Elysee_Stanger Elysse Stanger | @OhEmmaStephens Emma Stephens | @girlglitch Jen Burrows | @HanYMCAcollege Hannah Williams | @HannahRiqbal Hannah Iqbal | @HanPsychCardiff Hannah Chandler | @JoeNicholls Joe Nicholls | @JaynewMcGill1 Jayne McGill | @janetfinlay Janet Finlay | @JenThornton01 Jen Thornton | @Katherine_Ann Katherine Jewkes | @kixes Kirsten Han | @Laiscotton Laura Cotton | @la_boon Jain Boon | @LouiseHartry Louise Hartrey | @MrSimonWood Simon Wood |@NeilCocker Neil Cocker | @Sambrook Richard Sambrook | @stackers Amy Stackhouse | @StephSmits1 Steph Smits | @TomBeardshaw Tom Beardshaw | @wondermiles Georgina Miles | @2001ling Zhiling Li  … and many more who tweet and retweeted #WOWWales.


Read more about the #WOWWales Insight Series. From the 9th February to the 9th of March, I posted a new blog post every day for 30 days with a tribute to someone who inspired, mentored or encouraged me during my 10 years here in Wales.

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