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Considered Quietness


This essay is a reflection of the crisis in the absence of considered quietness in the ways we work, learn and live. It was in part inspired by Rebecca Solnit’s book, Men Explain Thing to Me. Keep Reading…

Terry Tempest Williams: On Writing as an Act of Living | Brevity


Terry Tempest Williams is one of my most admired writers. Her essay Why I Write, inspired me to revisit and reflect on my own inner reasons as to Why I write. It has taken me many years to find the balance between my adult academic voice and the creative voice I loved so much as a child. To negotiate the tensions and the slipperiness between scientific fact, and creative nonfiction. This is something, I think I will always be negotiating. Terry’s words are helping me to do this. Inspired by her craft, I now use her essay in my management classes to help young people not only to improve their writing, but … Keep Reading…

Teaching to Transgress


Education as the practice of Freedom by Bell Hooks.

What the best college teachers do


What do we mean by creative people?

Do you live in what might be considered a creative community? Do you consider yourself creative, artistic or someone who practices the art of ideation and creation? Do your friends or neighbours? If you considered no to any of these questions, now consider how you think we/you could change this? In a blog post published by ArtsBlog, John Eger (@jeger62), Professor of Communications at San Diego State University, he encourages the renewal of our cities as creative cultural districts by investing more in cultural innovations and the arts; by investing in creative people. But you cannot have creative communities without creative people, and you cannot have creative people without creative … Keep Reading…